Frequently Asked Questions

Our products are made to order, thus we do not offer any returns or products exchange.

If you have any enquiries regarding the ingredients used in our products, do feel free to email us at before doing any purchasing, in order to guarantee you are satisfied with your purchase.

Kindly take note that Wellem Cosmetics will not be held liable for any damages of our products, due to weather or en route. Our packaging team make sure that our products are tightly sealed, wrapped and packaged and go through quality control to avoid such damages.

Unfortunately, at the current moment we only ship domestically (Namibia) but we will start considering shipping to selected international destinations.

Shipping time depends on your location.
If you live down the street from us in Windhoek, you’ll get it faster than if you live in Keetmanshoop.

If you have any queries kindly email us at

Orders take 1-3 days to be processed for shipping kindly bear with us. We make every effort to fulfill
orders as quickly as possible.

During production, processing and packaging, all COVID-19 protocols are followed, and all packages are properly disinfected before they are sent out for deliveries.

Your health and safety will always be our main priority. Hashtag Stay Safe!

We accept payments in the form of eWallet, Easy Wallet, Blue Voucher as well as Pay Today.

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